Looked after properly, they’ll last ages

Correctly looked after, Lassie® products will last a long time. This care guide tells you all you need to know about washing symbols and day-to-day care.


Lassie outdoor wear is easy to look after. Their technical features make the clothes warm and protective. To make sure that these features last a long time, it’s important to follow the care instructions.

The outer layer of weatherproof clothing is mainly polyester, with a moisture-resistant polyurethane membrane (PU membrane) on the inside. Light clothing for the summer doesn’t generally have this PU membrane. The surface of the fabric is treated to repel dirt and water. When it gets dirty, often all you need to do in the first instance is wipe it down or lightly rinse it off. This saves on washing powder and is better for the environment too.


To keep your Lassie clothing in great condition for as long as possible, follow the care instructions provided for your product when washing and drying it. Care instructions can be found on a label on the lining in an inside seam.

Before washing

1. Before washing, read the care instructions carefully and follow them.
2. Sort your washing by washing temperature and colour according to the care instructions. 3. Empty the pockets and do up zips, velcro and poppers. 4. Turn the clothes inside out. 5. Fill the machine no more than half full. Decide the amount of washing powder based on the dry weight of the clothes, avoid putting too much in. Choose the right washing programme and set the machine to the temperature in the care instructions.

Washing powder

It’s important to use the amount of washing powder recommended by the washing powder manufacturer. You need less powder if you’re washing a small load or your washing isn’t very dirty. Washing powder used for coloured clothes shouldn’t contain bleach. Using the right sort of washing powder and the right amount also protects the environment. Softener is not recommended as it can weaken the technical features of the fabric, such as breathability and water resistance.

Stain removal

Wash stains immediately so that the dirt doesn’t get ingrained. Ingrained dirt can be difficult or even impossible to remove from your clothes. Don’t store or put away dirty clothes, e.g. for the summer. Always test stain removal products somewhere it won’t show, e.g. on a hem or inside a turn-up. If the colour comes off, don’t use the stain remover on the stain. Brightly coloured clothes shouldn’t be soaked as this might make the dye run.


It is recommended that the products are dried at room temperature in plenty of air, e.g. hanging on a hanger. However, some Lassie products can, with care, be dried in a drying cabinet. If the garment can be dried in a drying cabinet or tumble dried, always use the lowest temperature (30-40°C), so as not to damage the technical features of the fabric.

The majority of Lassie’s outer materials are made from synthetic fibres. If a garment made from synthetic fibres is dried at too hot a temperature, the surface can start to blister or harden, and it won’t be able to withstand wear any more. Also the moisture-resistant membrane on the inside of the fabric can become detached or damaged and the garment will no longer be waterproof.

Washing symbols used on Lassie products

Washing temperature 40°C Do not dry clean
Washing temperature 30°C Do not use chlorine bleach
Iron max. 110°C Careful tumble drying permitted (lowest temperature)
Do not iron Do not tumble dry